Career Transition and Outplacement Solutions

We support businesses and people through times of change

When you have an employee or employees leaving your business, providing them with structure, guidance and support can help ease the feelings of uncertainty and stress that come with being made redundant.

At the same time, providing this guidance and being viewed as a supportive employer can also help preserve morale across the wider business – by providing reassurance that your company is still invested in the future of its employees, whether they remain in the business or are made redundant.

CDL has a proven track record in delivering career transition and outplacement solutions – solutions that are as unique as the individuals we coach, and the businesses we advise.

How we can help

With over 20 years’ experience in leading Outplacement support and solutions, CDL provides:

  • onsite consultation process support
  • redundancy notification support
  • assisting and guiding the development of an effective outplacement communication strategy
  • identifying ‘at risk’ employees
  • managing emotions and stress,
  • and personalised and confidential support for employees.

Job Focus

Recommended for casual, part time or non-management employees

We help individuals confidently enter the job market, learning how to develop and tailor their CV to fit the opportunity and to navigate different types of job interviews.

This service is:

  • Tailored delivery to either skills-based or competency-based roles.
  • Delivered in both coaching and workshop formats.

Job Search

Recommended for casual, part time or non-management employees

With CDL, you can access the country’s most extensive range of job search solutions and help your departing employee(s) land a new job as quickly as possible and within your budget. You can give each person a critical competitive edge and a secure pathway to employment by selecting from:

  • One-to-one coaching packages
  • In-house workshops
  • Online tools
  • Access to our innovative job-seeker resource hub

Career Search

Recommended for junior to mid-level managers

Career Search is a confidential and personalised coaching programme CDL can provide to support and advise career-focused employees who are exiting a business through redundancy or negotiated departure. It can be offered over several weeks or intensively over several days.

Career Search includes:

  • Change management coaching
  • Career assessment
  • Extensive practical job search skills
  • Other strategies to help employees land another relevant role as quickly as possible.

Management Search

Recommended for senior level managers

We offer personalised and confidential Career Transition solutions, designed, and facilitated by CDL, that will meet the diverse needs of middle to senior managers impacted by redundancy. Management Search solutions provide comprehensive career planning and incorporate practical job search techniques and resources that can ease the transition and create a clear pathway to employment.

CDL Management Search solutions include:

  • Psychometric assessment,
  • Financial planning
  • CV development
  • LinkedIn profiling
  • Targeted, competency-based interview training

Executive Search

Recommended for C-suite executives

Executive Search is specifically designed to cater to the needs of C-Suite Executives, General Managers, and those in highly specialised roles, who require extensive advice and support through redundancy. Once they are secured into a new role, we also provide extended 100- day coaching.

Executive Search includes:

  • Comprehensive career assessment and planning
  • Search skills for local, national, or international deployment.
  • Financial Planning and Small Business Management advice.

Help Staff Plan for Lifestyle Change

These days, planning for the future can mean anything from retirement to retraining to a total lifestyle change. At CDL, we offer programmes that help your employees to consider, and then prepare for, their options for the future.


At CDL, our range of retirement solutions provide your employees with the knowledge and resources they need to identify readiness for retirement, plan for a lifestyle change, create greater work-life balance, or to financially and legally plan for the future.

For some, this might mean a complete step back from employment, for others, a new phase of blending leisure time with casual or part-time work.

Setting Up Your Own Business

When an individual is impacted by redundancy, they may consider small business management options such as independent consulting, contracting, freelancing, or buying a new or existing business or franchise.

CDL’s entrepreneurship solutions look at ‘fit for business ownership’ – ensuring the employee is making an informed decision and one which is not being triggered by the emotional impact of their job loss. We do this by providing the fundamentals of business planning, analysing competitor activity and developing a business profile – All key components of entrepreneurship coaching.


The one on one contact was perfect

Very effective in preparing me to feel confident as a professional job hunter. My coach went out of his way to get to know me, help me understand myself, and shared with me awesome tools that I can use in the real world. The one on one contact was perfect, and really built my confidence.

Consultant – Insurance

I’m now feeling confident about my way forward

I’ve really benefitted from my coaching sessions having gained clarity on my values, motivators and career goals. I started my coaching not knowing my way forward /confident with my career direction. I’m now feeling confident about my way forward and particularly looking forward to the next 2 to 3 years.

Manager – Aviation

Delivered with professionalism, empathy, and encouragement

CDL’s career transition programme was delivered with professionalism, empathy, and encouragement. My coach was great to work with. Putting me at ease, understanding my situation and working with me to identify my competencies and points of difference for future opportunities.

General Manager – Professional Services

My CDL coach was very good to work with

My CDL coach was very good to work with. She took time to get to know me, took a genuine interest and tailored my support to my requirements. Of most benefit was understanding my own values and drivers which enabled me to make informed decisions about my future career – work pathway.

Senior Manager – Public Sector

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