CDL Leadership Team

Decades of expertise and knowledge at your finger tips’

The passion and drive of our team is what sets us apart!

We are proud to have dedicated people that have built a strong reputation for managing the unexpected, developing long-lasting business-to-business partnerships and delivering on our promises- every time.

Our Lead Team

Lorraine Rowlands

General Manager

Lorraine is a registered psychologist and chartered organisational psychologist. With this background, Lorraine brings a holistic person-centred approach to her work, both to assist organisations in transition and to help individuals grow and flourish.

Jonathan Rogers

Country Manager New Zealand & Australia

Jonathan is responsible for leading the strategic and operational needs of the business. Jonathan develops and maintains effective client relationships and provides superior business and people focused project management capabilities.

Gary Cashman

National Account Manager

Gary takes responsibility for providing our clients with an immersive and superior CDL experience, ensuring that high quality client relationship management is consistently maintained.

Helen Broughton

Client Services Administrator

Helen organises the materials that support the expansive coaching and training services provided by CDL and is the administrative interface between the CDL coaching teams based in New Zealand and Australia and the management team within
the business.

Coaches and Consultants

All of our coaches and facilitators are best-in-class subject-matter experts with extensive, real world, high-level business experience.

We have coaches and facilitators in most regional locations and major cities across New Zealand and Australia, so you can be sure that we will be able to assist you, no matter where you are.

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