What is Change Management?

Change management is having the knowledge, tools, and processes in place to effectively manage the people-side of organisational change allowing you to achieve your businesses outcome with confidence and employee buy-in.

Whether it is a small change like implementing a new system or a much larger change like a company merger or takeover. The way the change is managed determines success or failure.  And that’s why successful change management is so important!

If change management is done poorly, it can cause stress amongst staff leading to poor performance, rumour mongering a change in culture and an overall drop in your organisations’ employer brand. If done well, it can inspire staff, drive company growth and encourage a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing and staff loyalty.

Here are three tips on how to successfully implement change in your organisation:


You need to communicate any change, however, small, or large to your employees and explain the rationale behind it. Tell them why it is important for the change to occur and the benefits to be gained. Pay special attention to employees who will be most affected by the change and allow them to voice their concerns and contribute their views, thoughts, and opinions.

Implement the change in phases 

The best way to consume change is in bite-sized chunks. So, where time is not of the essence break down the change into phases that can be implemented one at a time.

Evaluate, review and report on change

The entire change process should be carefully monitored to measure its impact and evaluate success. Progress should be communicated to the employees so that they can know where further work is needed.

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