Change Impact Assessment

What is  a change impact assessment?

For organisations to thrive in today’s fast-paced, global economy, change is an inevitable and essential part of the process.  

A change impact assessment is a process to analyse the impact of a proposed organisational change.  Change impact analysis enables you to identify problems before they arise so that plans can be put in place to mitigate their impact. 

Whether change is planned, structured and clear or takes place organically over time, successful organisational change can be difficult to achieve. Impact analysis is a useful brainstorming technique for considering the full impact of a proposed change. 

Six steps that will aid in organisational change impact analysis

1. Put together a team that has access to all the relevant information sources.

2. Make sure that the proposed change is clearly defined and that everyone involved in the change impact analysis is clearly briefed as to the proposal and what the change is designed to address.

3. Brainstorm the key differences that will occur from the original state to when the proposed change is complete.

4. Focus on the possible effects of the key differences identified in step #3. Identify who and what might be affected. Consider the impact on different departments, processes, customers, stakeholders, others.

5. Prioritise the possible positive and negative effects from step #4 from the key differences in step #3, based on the size of the impact and the consequences of the decision.

6. Use the results to make a decision and to manage the consequences. Consider whether it is worth proceeding based on the negative consequences and the cost of managing those consequences. Identify the actions that will be needed to mitigate the consequences. Identify the people impact and whether change will be supported or resisted. Identify the strategies that can be put in place to manage the negative consequences if they arise.

Once you’ve analysed the impact of proposed changes, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about the best way forward. If you need help developing your changes strategy, get in touch with us at CDL. We have a team of change management specialists who can help your organisation develop and implement change strategies.