5 Ways to Promote Positive Company Culture

Cultivating a healthy and happy work environment in your organisation is vital for business success but creating and maintaining a positivecorporate culture is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a combination of strategies, effort, resources and top-level support to succeed. Here are some of the ways to promote a positive culture in your organisation.

Make a clear vision statement for your organisation.

We all appreciate knowing that what we are doing is making a difference. By formulating a clear vision statement that outlines your company’s future and the impact it intends to have on the world, an air of striving for betterment is created in the workplace. Non-profits are great at this. For example The Alzheimer’s Association is committed to “a world without Alzheimer’s.” A clear vision statement lays the foundation for the development of a positive company culture.

Establish positive company values.

While a clear vision will articulate your company’s purpose, a great set of values will give specific guidelines on the mindsets and behaviours necessary to achieve the vision. It’s not enough to merely create these values, they should also be communicated to
all employees.

Establish trust.

Just like personal relationships, professional relationships thrive on trust. And what better way to build trust than through open communication and active listening. Talk to your employees, learn about their backgrounds, families and hobbies. Get to know them as individuals and encourage this within your organisation to build trust.

Hire smartly.

When recruiting new staff look for people with positive attitudes, as negative people can greatly undermine your efforts towards creating a positive company culture.

Get out of the office together.

Work can become stressful so it’s important to create an occasional escape for your employees. Company events promote interaction between your employees and gives them something to look forward to. Charity runs, company sports days and other events of this nature involve a casual atmosphere which makes it easier to interact, while creating fun memories.

Great leaders understand the importance of investing in their people. A commitment to improving the company culture of your organisation will help improve performance and contribute to employee retention and engagement.

CDL insight has the expertise and experience to help make working in your organisation a great experience for your people.